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Local Wirral Business Owner Q & A

Home Wirral posted on 29th September 2022

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Since opening our brand new estate agency in July this year we have met a number of local independent business owners and have really enjoyed getting to know a little bit about them and their businesses. We thought it would be great fun to share their answers and stories from a series of questions during a recent meeting!

When did you open the good hood?

November 2021

What was the inspiration behind the business and is there a particular place you have been to which influenced you?

My inspiration for this restaurant was to get back to basics, not run a restaurant based on spreadsheets, but values, people and handmade food where we don’t own a freezer, fresh food, it’s so simple when you think about it, no fuss joint! that focuses on fresh made food and the staff that give a crap and will smile and do the most important thing… talk to you, look after you and provide a fun-friendly local hangout.

When i thought where i was most felt comfortable and enjoyed myself in restaurants it was not in high end places, thats nice sometimes but Places where they serve you drinks from the bottle and you eat with your hands and the music is loud, that was the only thing i wanted to do and i hope we have created that and allow our customer to enjoy that too but the feedback has been amazing so i think we are on the right track and as always we aim to do better.

What did you do before you started the good hood?

Hospitality has been the only thing I have done… Good lol it’s the only thing I think I would enjoy! and commit too fully and not see it as a 9 to 5 but a platform to build so at 25 i wanted to start my own restaurant in Scotland which i built and ran as the Company director in Scotland growing and opening 12 sites, i built the brand to franchise and survived the pandemic, that was a tough one! This took 8 years of my life which required blood sweat and tears then a little bit more of all the them but Monterey jacks stands as one of scotland strongest restaurants groups and still opening new sites and i am so happy for them and proud of those years it was a hell of a ride with lots of life lessons learned along the way

Describe your business in one line?

Everything you see, taste, hear and feel is fresh, fun and familiar

Who are your customers?

Absolute legends, we are very lucky to have them and very grateful.

Is there anything new or exciting that you are planning?

In October we launch our new franchise business (pass the keys) which is a short term let property company where we will be looking after the Liverpool area which is a very personal project that I will oversee and run with my Beautiful partner and can’t wait to get my teeth into, we also will be launching a bigger and better Good Hood in 2023.

What challenges does your business face?

Great question as like any problem when you understand it, you can best be proactive to adjust and not let it knock you down, but it the cost of how expensive it is to turn a key in a business and make it work, to Stretch £1 in to £4 but like anything moaning about it does not help or change the outcome, we are all working hard to ensure we are successful and don’t become another restaurant statics that they fail within the first year.

Death Row Picks? Final ever choices ….

Chocolate bar? Aero mint

Soft drink? Bru has to be in a glass bottle and be called…. Bottle of Ginger

Packet of crisps? Mccoys salt and vinegar

Quick five!!?

Favourite colour? Blue

Favourite song/musician? Kanye West Black skinhead

Favourite hobby? spending time with loved ones and family

Football/sports team? sad to say none never gave any sports or football a try

Worst habit? overthinking

We have had a number of fantastic meals out at The Good Hood and always enjoyed amazing service, incredible food and love the vibe and atmosphere. If you haven’t already been we highly recommend that you do!



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